Collaborative Care
Partnership Program

As a Collaborative Care Partner, you will:

  • learn best practices for collaborative care

  • differentiate top referrers to pet owners

  • fund future research

  • educate all stakeholders on the benefits of collaboration

Program Details

Collaborative Care Partner Specialty and Emergency Hospitals all receive:

  • Recognition as a Collaborative Care Partner with a listing on our website
  • “Working Collaboratively for Best Patient Outcomes”, a 2-hour RACE-approved CE for your whole hospital team, delivered digitally
  • Client education on the importance of collaboration as a criteria for choosing a primary care veterinarian
    • you can recognize your top 20-30 referring pcDVMs as Collaborative Care Partners
    • each of these hospitals receives a seal as a Collaborative Care Partner and client education materials describing the benefits to patients when pcDVMs collaborate with specialists as needed
  • Access to the Collaborative Care Partner toolbox

Collaborative Care Partner Toolbox

What the toolbox includes:

  • Hospital collaboration self-assessment
  • pcDVM survey to gauge your current level of collaborative care
  • Collaborative Strategic Planning tool to create actionable steps to improve your hospital’s level of collaborative care and pcDVM relationship building
  • Marketing tools including the Collaborative Care Partner seal and verbiage promoting collaborative care for your website and other marketing materials and a printable certificate, stickers, and a client education brochure on the benefits of collaboration
  • Best Practices list, as developed by a team of veterinary consultants highly experienced in specialty/emergency medicine

Partnership Investment

$1500 per location or local hospital group per year

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